Life's Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

Life's Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

Every year, we are informed about trends. Summer 2018 has us wearing florals (shocker), ruffles (shocker) and color (another shocker). Excuse me, trend reporters, you might have noticed some similarities with the previous year. We at Theory of Gaia will always bring you the details that appear in the trend reports: oversized clothes, effortless dresses with embellishments, high waisted shorts. These aren't your boyfriends clothes, but your oversized clothing that allow you to run, leap, and hop into whatever you need to.

Accomplishing your goals is hard work, so why make it boring with boring clothes. Let go, experiment a little, grab that trendy top and incorporate it with that women business suit to get noticed at the next office meeting. Business wear for women is about feeling good and confident in your skin.

A smart woman, we know of, who once took a loan of $1,000 and later sold her company for $66 million, was quoted saying, "if you want to be noticed, dress the part." Listen up #GaiaGirls, Barbara Corcoran might know a thing or two.

With love Founder: Haamacha

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