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I've always been attracted to strong women. Women who are authentic, supportive, and driven. Women who love looking stylish but at an affordable price point.You might look like you shop at high end stores, but no you bought it at Theory of Gaia, for #GaiaGirls.

Shopping is not the priority. The priority are your goals. Goals that range from finishing that college degree, going back to school, raising children, traveling the world, and having life experiences that enrich your lives. How many friends do you know that look amazing, wear designer clothes, paying premium for the latest, but have nothing to show for it. Unfortunately, that was actually me. Having children has certainly changed my priorities and thanks to the #GaiaGirls in my life, I’ve learnt to shop smart and invest in goals that enrich me and my family. Being frugal for what lies ahead: LIFE.

Theory of Gaia exists for such women. Goal diggers who look effortless and feminine, but have a secret weapon: #GaiaGirls in their lives to support and encourage them as we all reach for the goals, of course looking effortlessly chic. 

With Love Founder: Haamacha

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